100 Mojito Captions For Instagram-Quotes

A photo or two of you enjoying a frozen beverage with fruit on the rim completes your summer. A frozen margarita or frosé at a rooftop bar on a hot summer afternoon is undoubtedly refreshing if you’re 21 or older.

These vibrant beverages don’t require a filter, but I’m going to personally provide some Mojito Captions For Instagram  & Mojito Quotes for frozen drinks because they are essential.

Mojito Captions For Instagram

You still have time to break out the mixer and relax on the porch with a drink in your hand because summer isn’t quite finished.

Even better, you may add a tiki party atmosphere to your pool days and make strawberry the star of the menu. Any one of Mojito ns For Instagram will make you wish you had cooled off more quickly, even though you don’t need me or Vanilla Ice to remind you to bring out the “ice ice baby.”

Mojito Captions

  • It’s true! When you have a lot of mojitos, you basically don’t have any problems.
  • I have mixed drinks about feelings
  • See you on the next wave.
  • I’m a lady who liquid lunches.
  • Wine stains on my glass mean I went to a virtual wine tasting.
  • In the South, day drinkin’ is a way of life.
  • Sharin’ some sips with my drinkin’ buddies.
  • Day drinkin’ is cheaper than therapy.
  • Drink triple, see double, act single
  • Havin’ a little hunchy punchy with my lunchy.
  • What’s a little fermentation between friends?
  • Drinking before 10am makes you a pirate not an alcoholic
  • I’m in need of liquid therapy.
  • Happy hour is the best hour
  • You had me at mojito.
  • Live every hour like it’s happy hour!
  • Every hour deserves to be happy.
  • There’s nothing like a drink to help one unthink.
  • Great love affairs start with a cocktail.
  • Friends who drink together clink together.
  • Resting cocktail face.
  • When life screw u up get yourself a screwdriver.
  • Mead, myself, and I.

Mojito Captions For Instagram

  • Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.
  • Everything happens for a riesling.
  • As endless as the ocean, as timeless as the tides.
  • It’s a great day for a liquid lunch.
  • My best buds just get wiser and wiser.
  • An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails.
  • Happy hour or better call it cocktail hour.
  • Friday called. They’re on their way and they’re bringing wine.
  • Passports and pineapples.
  • Sip sip hooray
  • Happy hour is the best hour.
  • Finish your day sparkling.
  • Look, my peach matches the sunset.
  • Only count the happy hours.
  • One little sipsy away from tipsy!
  • This may have been a pour decision.
  • Friendships powered by happy hour.
  • Them: “Do you meditate?” Me: “No. I drink.”

Virgin Mojito Captions For Instagram

  • Do my pours look big in this glass?
  • Kids drink beer, real men go for pitchers.
  • Daytime liquor fills me with vigor.
  • Tonight’s forecast? 99% of cocktails.
  • Boozin’ like I mean it.
  • This is just another adorable way to let everyone on your Instagram feed know that you really, really love mojitos.
  • I’ve got the happy hour power.
  • Keep calm and enjoy the happy hour.
  • By the hair of my ginny, gin, gin.
  • I don’t judge you for eating during the day.
  • Why limit happy to an hour?
  • Mocktails are for losers.
  • As liquid as I want to be…
  • Honestly, yes. This has to be the cutest way to express your love for these deliciously sweet and tart cocktails.
  • The lower the latitude the better the attitude.
  • We’re having a BFF liquid-ation.
  • Tonights forecast: 99% chance of cocktails
  • Why doesn’t happy hour start at noon?

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